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The past 20 years, there has been an increase of diagnoses to include concentration difficulties such as ADHD, ADD, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Today, approximately 30 000 children are diagnosed as such.


Boys with ADHD are often hyperactive, they have reduced impulse control, severe problems with concentrating at school, problems with reading and writing, reduced fine motor skills, and uncontrolled behavior.


Girls, on the other hand, are often introspective, passive, shy, depressive and anxious. Common for both genders is the often poor self-image.


Causes for ADHD:

The researchers indicate several causes and factors, in ADHD:

Diet, decreased maturity of brain areas, inheritance, food intolerance, data and data gaming, sitting postures, TV, too few motoric challenges and poor communication in certain areas of the nerve system.


There is less mentioning of brain damages, but more of dysfunction and immaturity. The brain is responsible for controlling the body, including concentration, planning and organizing, problem-solving, personality, logical reasoning, behavior and feelings.


What the treatment is about:


  • Neurological examination of joint movements and nerve system

  • Functional neurological rehabilitation including excitations of different parts of the nerve system

  • Specific training to increase balance and coordination

  • Diet and nutrition – reducing amount of sugar, artificial additives and salt

  • Treatment with Interactive Metronome (IM)


Interactive Metronome is a treatment for increasing the concentration, the coordination and the motoric skills.  

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