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KA Klinikken is focused on nutrition. We know how important nutrition is for our patients’ treatments and quality of life. 

After years of experience, we are determined that the follow-up of nutrition and what our patients eat every day, will have an important effect on the result of treatments of different kinds of disorders. Some patients have certain disposals running in the family, but in general, most of them are diagnosed based on their way of living. We are ready to help all our patients. 


We have a close cooperation with Lab 1 and Dag Tveiten, being specialized on nutrition matters which could help the patients return to a healthy life.  


We also promote the world’s most proven dietary supplement, Juice Plus+. The past 22 years, we have seen the effect which Juice Plus+ has had on our patients. Today, they have less pain from lifestyle diseases after starting to take the dietary supplement. The patients now eat less sugar and soft drinks, and instead have sufficient quantities of Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 each day. 31 studies of approved medical reports confirm how the phytonutrients do have an incredibly effect on the cholesterol, unstable blood sugar, poor energy and weak immune defense. 

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