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Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

Pelvis consists of a tail bone and three motile joints, forming a ring. Together, these units work like a basement for the body´s lower back. Whatever you are up to, the pelvis will play a part, in some way or another.

Symphysis pubis dysfunction and pain of the pubic joints is the most common reason for sick leave during pregnancy. The pelvis and the back will have more strain than usual with fast weight gain from the fetus, and severe hormonal changes affecting the body in many different ways. The growing uterus is a large muscle, deeply rooted in the pelvis by help of ligaments.

When one of the pubic joints decreases it's movement, other joints will take over. Both too much and too little activity may lead to pain, irritated nerves, hypertonus, and strain. Pain could come from the back, the pubic symphysis up front, the groin, the hips, or from one side of the pelvis.


Symphysis pubis dysfunction is a painful experience for a pregnant woman. The pain from the pelvis joints could cause severe problems when walking. The pain is mostly located above the pelvis joints. Approximately 15 percent of all pregnant women in Norway report pain from the pelvis joints in the last part of their pregnancy.

A chiropractor could verify a dysfunction in the pelvis, and will give advice on how to take care to have a best possible pregnancy.

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