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Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus is a malposition of the big toe. The big toe (hallux) turns towards the second toe, and the tissues around the big toe often become swollen, red and sore, with much pain. The disorder makes is difficult to have shoes that fit.

Hallux valgus is more common in women than in men. Tight shoes with a sharp tip or high heels, are very often the actual cause of this dysfunction.


Some are more expose for this dysfunction than other, especially persons with flatfoot.


What you can do yourself:

  • Use shoes with low heels and sufficient space for your toes

  • To ease, insert a “cushion” between the big toe and the second toe

  • Bend and stretch the foot and the toe

  • Cooling-down


How we can help:

  • A strained foot must be treated. Insoles, guidance and advice can be useful to avoid more strain. KA Klinikken offers customized designed insoles of all categories from Foot Levelers with more than 60 years of experience.


  • KA Klinikken offers you an overall consultation with extensive tests based on the latest research. We analyze how your brain and your nerve system affect the rest of your body, aiming to reduce and remove unwanted pain, and obtain long lasting results.

Fysioterapi Session

The interaction between the brain and the nerve system is the main focus of our physical treatments. These parts of your body control your functions, from head to toe.

tilbake Massasje

Our chiropractors offer an overall treatment of your body, focusing on the interaction between the brain and the nerve system. 

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