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TJM Arthrosis

In the case of arthrosis of the jaw, it is very often the joint cartilage which is most damaged. The symptoms are reduced joint function, pain and stiffness, asymmetrical swelling, click sounds, reduced motility and closed lock.

Over time the symptoms could also include facial pain, deformity and decreased function. The symptoms and the causes will vary among the persons affected. Arthrosis of the jaw tend to build up with age. The disorder could also be caused by damage or illness.


What you can do yourself:

  • Keep yourself active

  • Eat healthy and varied food

  • Cool down the most painful area

  • Try over-the-counter painkillers


How we can help:

  • Jaw pains are complex, and the causes are many.

  • KA Klinikken offers you an overall consultation with extensive tests based on the latest research. We analyze how your brain and your nerve system affect the rest of your body, aiming to reduce and remove unwanted pain, and obtain long lasting results.

Fysioterapi Session

The interaction between the brain and the nerve system is the main focus of our physical treatments. These parts of your body control your functions, from head to toe.

tilbake Massasje

At KA Klinikken, we will help you find the best technique to fulfill your needs and requirements. Beneath, you can read about the different methods we offer, and how they may help you. 

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