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Closed lock

The jaw can in fact stop up in a locked position, which is very unpleasant. We call Closed Lock. There are several causes, but the most common are muscle spasm in the jaw musculature and articular disc displacement.


In case of a displacement, the articular disc fastens in the front of the jaw joint. This will block the mouth for opening up wide, limited to only 25 mm, and represents great pain. Other reasons could be severe attrition of the jaw joints, arthritis, inflammation or acute damage.


What you can do yourself:

  • Ice could prevent paint – 10 minutes per hours.

  • Over-the-counter painkillers

  • Contact your chiropractor


How we can help:

  • We will look for the cause of the closed lock, and then decide the most effective treatment

KA Klinikken offers you an overall consultation with extensive tests based on the latest research. We analyze how your brain and your nerve system affect the rest of your body, aiming to reduce and remove unwanted pain, and obtain long lasting results.


tilbake Massasje

Our chiropractors offer an overall treatment of your body, focusing on the interaction between the brain and the nerve system. 

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