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Body posture changes

The upright way in which we carry our body, with focus on the lower back, will decline with time. The changes are often caused by too much or too little activity. Gradually, the posture could be very different from an optimal and functional one.

Persons with sedentary work, or generally inactive persons could develop lower cross syndrome. The right way to move will decline with time, and this could lead to symptoms and affect nerves, muscles and joints.


Typical indications of lower cross syndrome are increased stiffness in the lower back, tight hip flex, reduced gluteus muscles and stomach muscles.


The mix of tight and weak muscles creates a dysfunction in the lower back and hip region which could lead to unfortunate compensations and more afflictions.


What you can do yourself:

  • Strengthen weak muscles

  • Avoid inactivity

  • Stretch the tight musculature

  • Make sure to sit correctly at work

  • Remember to take small breaks


How we can help:

  • Changes in body posture are often a result of compensations and adjustment to conditions we experience or tasks we do. It is your brain which controls these processes, and we therefore need to start with the brain.

  • KA Klinikken offers you an overall consultation with extensive tests based on the latest research. We analyze how your brain and your nerve system affect the rest of your body, aiming to reduce and remove unwanted pain, and obtain long lasting results.

Fysioterapi Session

The interaction between the brain and the nerve system is the main focus of our physical treatments. These parts of your body control your functions, from head to toe.

tilbake Massasje

Our chiropractors offer an overall treatment of your body, focusing on the interaction between the brain and the nerve system. 

tilbake Massasje

At KA Klinikken, we will help you find the best technique to fulfill your needs and requirements. Beneath, you can read about the different methods we offer, and how they may help you. 

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