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Psoas myalgi

Iliopsoas consists of three muscles; Psoas major, psoas minor and iliacus.

These three muscles act jointly to flex the hip. In case of acute overload or strain from too much sitting or from dysfunctional muscles in the back or hip, pain can occur.

A chiropractor has special knowledge of muscle and joint disorders. A diagnose is based on your history of decease and pain, a clinical evaluation and if necessary, a diagnostic imaging. The treatment is adjusted especially to your need, and includes different manual techniques, physical and cognitive training as well as information and guidance for a quick recovery. 


Based on functional neurology, we are able to offer high-quality treatment with long-lasting results. 


Our complex selection of test methods and treatment techniques are perfectly adjusted to help you with disorders linked to dizziness, brain concussion, concentration disorders and other physical deceases

Fysioterapi Session

The interaction between the brain and the nerve system is the main focus of our physical treatments. These parts of your body control your functions, from head to toe.

tilbake Massasje

Our chiropractors offer an overall treatment of your body, focusing on the interaction between the brain and the nerve system. 

tilbake Massasje

At KA Klinikken, we will help you find the best technique to fulfill your needs and requirements. Beneath, you can read about the different methods we offer, and how they may help you. 

akupunktur Behandling

Acupuncture is a treatment which is increasingly popular, acknowledged both as alternative and supplement to western medicine

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