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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is quite common. The disorder is usually a consequence of overload or strain.

The shoulder joint is very complex. Several structures are involved and will cause pain and reduced function.


Ordinary symptoms:

  • Pain from moving the arm

  • Pain when resting

  • Reduced motility

  • Tight and tense muscles from neck and between the shoulder blades

  • Pain streaming towards the arm


What you can do yourself:

  • Find out what affect your pain

  • Avoid doing painful movements

  • Be active, not inactive

  • Avoid one-sided work, and take breaks

  • Avoid too much activity with your elbows overhead

  • Get started with your weight-training


How we can help:

  • Shoulder pain could be complex, with more possible causes.

  • In addition to treating the local problem, KA Klinikken offers you an overall consultation with extensive tests based on the latest research. We analyze how your brain and your nerve system affect the rest of your body, aiming to reduce and remove unwanted pain, and obtain long lasting results.

Fysioterapi Session

The interaction between the brain and the nerve system is the main focus of our physical treatments. These parts of your body control your functions, from head to toe.

tilbake Massasje

Our chiropractors offer an overall treatment of your body, focusing on the interaction between the brain and the nerve system. 

tilbake Massasje

At KA Klinikken, we will help you find the best technique to fulfill your needs and requirements. Beneath, you can read about the different methods we offer, and how they may help you. 

akupunktur Behandling

Acupuncture is a treatment which is increasingly popular, acknowledged both as alternative and supplement to western medicine

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